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деньги на аватарию на игру в моем мире

Деньги на аватарию на игру в моем мире

I have only been playing about 6 weeks and I am already at maximum expansion. Too fast too soon.

I could have gotten there by just using game coins instead and still have an okay looking restaurant игра богатыри много денег just patiently waited till i have enough coin to expand. If you do end up buying деньги на аватарию на игру в моем мире then I would use them for stuff you really love to have.

Expansion isnt all that important since the max amt of customers that visit per minute is 30 so all you need is 30-35 tables max. Keep food coming as much as possible. Give beef stew as a gift to all your neighbors every day. Accept only beef stew as a gift.

You can only accept 20 per day. Tip everyone who sends you a gift. Cook roast chicken, beef stew, creme brullee, and salmon, in that order of preference. More tables means more capacity for tips, not so much customers.

You need tips to get to a higher level so you can add appliances. Try to cook the same things as much as possible to get mastery. You earn gems that way. Click the community tab and tip people with 4 stars and ask them to add you. My restaurant and Id are the same: YourGlory. Others can probably add more tips. Oh, and pick a color scheme and деньги на аватарию на игру в моем мире and stick to it. Generally, the quicker the food is to cook, the better the earnings.

Like, cooking shrimp kabobs every hour for the same amount of time it деньги на аватарию на игру в моем мире to cook stew, will actually earn you more than cooking stew. But the more "quick cooks" you can get in, the more coins you earn rather игры в интернете с реальными деньгами cooking something like stew and waiting two days to re-cook it.

TeamLava could also change their food consumption rate at any time. It is all about how you want to play the game. Do you want maximum earnings or is looks of your restaurant more important to you or some people like to run the restaurant like a real one with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But that is because I enjoy the decor part of the game. Lots of good hints in this string. Pick the ones that help you play the game the way you want to.]



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